Based on Alan Peckeringpath's masterful play, we follow Todd, a lonely video salesman on a long trip through the Midwest selling BETAMAX players. However, no one has told him that VHS now dominates the market and his wife is a slut.


Rico Schmageggie


* Jasper Donovan (Todd)

* Rebecca Rhys-Towels (Todd's slut wife)

* Albert Westerberg (Sheriff Dodds)

Didja Know?

* Director Schmageggie changed large portions of the storyline halfway through after finding out about his own wife's infidelity - thus the surprise storyline of Todd's unfaithful spouse was added.

* Schmageggie often displayed talents of foresight and precognition, displayed by effectively seeing the advent of BETAMAX and VHS. However, no one understood this in the fifties as they were too busy looking for Reds under furniture.

Famous Quotes

Sheriff Dodds: Well son, this is a slow-paced town. We don't care for none of your BETAMAX doohickey players here. Shucks, we still leave our doors open on warm summer nights!

Todd: I see. Did I mention my wife is a loose-legged whore who'd bed a hippopotamus with diarrohea?

Sheriff Dodds: Several times son, several times.

Critical Views

Was rumoured to be in the running for a Golden Howard, but this turned out to be a cruel and preposterous lie perpetrated by Schmageggie's wife.