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This short film sees Teenage Bob waiting in line to see the film RollerJazz with his friends. He overhears that the cinema has lost the climactic final reel of the film. Can Bob find the missing reel and be the hero of the milk bar?

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Rico Schmageggie

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Top Trivia Edit

  • The student film was Rico Schmageggie's first and is considered to be not influential in the least.
  • Greg Caperducci was arrested for assaulting Schmageggie after the director took 373 takes to capture Greg saying one word: "Oh."
  • It was followed a year later by Wait! There's More 2: Even More To Wait For! (1942).

Notable Quotes Edit

Bob: Give me the missing reel, Alabama, you know we gotta see the end!

Alabama: That's Captain Alabama, boy!

Bob: Army, or Navy?

Alabama: Both. And neither.

Critical Reception Edit

Recieved some acclaim in the Midwest, however Schmageggie's insistence on attending the premiere screening naked did effect the popularity.