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Henrietta Carmichael finds herself the victim of a horrible murder and then is forced to return as a ghost to her Boston home, unable to leave the house to find her killer. Hope emerges for Henrietta when she discovers she can communicate with the house's new owner and move real-world objects by concentrating very hard. However, the new owner's offer to help her solve her murder hinges on a rather indecent proposal...

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Brian Peabody

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Director Brian Peabody made this film as his own personal tribute to the sexual revolution of the late 60s, but ironically it led to his castration by a coalition of four feminist groups and a permanent travel ban to most of the developed world.

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Bob: "If you can make that clock fly across the room you can surely raise what's in my pants a few inches. It ain't magic honey."

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"You become accustomed to the gratuitous misogyny of this film after a while, but the scene with the rabbits made me physically ill" - Wayne Spencer, Oregon Botanical News