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Modern classic set in a meat processing plant, where young Francois cuts the throats of cows every day. Day in, day out he slices the cows' throats. A big part of the story is Francois cutting throats. Just cutting and cutting and cutting throats. One day a gorilla named Chunky arrives on earth from a gorilla and turtle planet that's in the grip of war. Chunky's spaceship is ironically in the shape of a cow, and he crash-lands in the meat plant and is herded into the corral to be killed by Francois, but when Francois slices the throat, Chunky pops out. Its really a comedy of errors, although at least a quart of blood is shed per act. In fact, the first ten minutes is just Francois cutting throats of cattle. Cutting and cutting.

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Albert Moneyfust

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Piccolo Paruzzio

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The full title of the film is "The Adventures Of A Guy Who Likes To Find Adventure, Excitement And Risk In His Home Town, And In This Case Finds It In His Unorthodox Friendship With A Fellow Who Have I Mentioned Already? I Don't Think I Have, But, Well He's A Gorilla Named Chunky".

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A flashback in Chunky's mind to the gorilla and turtle planet.

Chunky: Your Majesty, I've baked a cake for you as a symbol of peace between the turtles and gorillas.

Turtle King: (splutters) What!? You've baked me a Ninjitsu cake when you know my people are experts in Kung Fu! This is the ultimate insult - I'll redouble my war efforts!

Chunky: Whoops!

Cut back to present day, where Chunky is sitting in the meat processing plant with his pal Francois, watching him cut cow's throat after cow's throat.

Critical Reception Edit

"This film is nonsensical, blood-soaked and probably the best argument for state-subsidised beef production you'll see all year!" - Craig Kiltson, Poolside Lounge Magazine