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Written and directed by Howard E. Greanville, a socialist yet misanthropic filmmaker, this portrait of mid-century American farm life was shot through with both communist and world-hating philosophies.

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Howard E. Greanville

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  • The cast of Charles Lindquist Jr.'s Spleens Of Christendom (1947) was largely reused for this film, because Greanville found that easier than having to deal with casting agents, who he detested.
  • This is the film that saw Greanville blacklisted in Hollywood and forced to work the rest of his days in the United Kingdom, which he described as "The hell of other people combined with the stench of jellied eel."


Notable Quotes Edit

Pa Gumble: Junior, I want you to go out and work the land so we can pay the America Town Bank.

Junior Gumble: But Pa, I got the palsy real bad, and the banks are just a bunch of rich fat cats gettin' richer off of my hard labor.

Pa Gumble: God, we both stink so much. And we're hard to be around and no man could be held accountable for just outright killing us all right now.

Ma Gumble: We're walking scum. Also the workers should control the means of production.

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"Greanville clearly rewrote his script on set to incorporate very specific comments about his cast's body odour and facial features. An extended diatribe about Ma Gumble's "porous nose" sits uncomfortably in the film's climactic speech decrying the institution of private property." - Roberta Clack, Huge Hands Daily