Summary Edit

The latest in a long line of Party Monkey films, this one sees Dan graduating Bananas University and throwing an all-out bash for Tri Itchy Itchy fraternity. But will Maximillian Forebode return to sort Dan out once and for all?

Director Edit

Walter K. Drumpfauz

Producer Edit

Rico Schmageggie

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Top Trivia Edit

Animal Trainer and all round bastard Dusty Marlboro was asked to return to train the chimps to perform various acts like ripping telephone books in two, defusing bombs, and equestrian activities.

Notable Quotes Edit

Dan: The only graduation I'm interested in is for the class of PARTYING DOWN!

Professor Teacher: I'll give you a partial credit for that.

Critical Reception Edit

This film played to packed houses throughout the major metropolitan cities of the country, but only because the posters were mis-spelled with the words, 'Cure for HIV and Cancer'. Many think producer Rico Schmageggie had something to do with this, and they're probably right.