Rating: *****


It's spring break again, and the guys at Campa Campa Campa are swimming and sunning in the Caribbean. But when gay pirate The Velvet Hook finds out about their tanned buttocks and gold, will the party last?


Rico Schmageggie


* Walter Sachs (Tank)

* Foster Hughes (The Velvet Hook)

* Andy Jackson (Sully)

Didja Know?

* Rico Schmageggie was always suspected of homosexual leanings, and after this film's release the Committee For The Exposing Of Unprudish Behaviour summoned him to defend himself before Congress. He fled the U.S with a hearty 'Screw You' advertisement in the New York Times.

* While filming the scene involving The Velvet Pirate's squad of killer walruses, a pair mated, producing a walrus calf later to be known as Milo, who played Chompers in Love at 45 R.P.M. (1996).

Famous Quotes

Tank: Oh man, could I use some lovin' right now - my rear is lookin' so goood! (Shakes rear for effect for 4 minutes)

The Velvet Hook: Mmmmmm. Where's the gold, me hardies?

Tank: Don't you mean 'me hearties?'

The Velvet Hook: I know what I mean.

Critical Views

"A holiday in the Caribbean on a student's budget? Oh, like that's gonna happen." - Catty Comments Home Journal