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Billy and Jack are the chief financial administrators at Highwood University, solemnly carrying out their duties as custodians of university funds. But by night they hit the fiery dance floors of the Baile del Fuego district. When the mysterious Maria Caliente enters their world, the scene is set for a confrontation that could tear their friendship apart.

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Frankhelm Musselaf

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Spanish actress Isabel Almoda had to perfect a Cuban accent for this film, even though she was playing a Puerto Rican. At the time Frankhelm Musselaf insisted it was for a reason, although later he confessed that he was just confused.

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Billy: Think about this, Jack! We can't allow a woman to affect our ability to collect tuition and union fees, organise student loans and bill for campus housing!

Jack: You made your decision when you came here to La Almeja Apasionada tonight. Now dance!

Critical Reception Edit

"Little can be said of this film that hasn't been said countless times before. Indeed, like all great art, it is best not viewed at all, but imagined, like a dog may well imagine his final resting place, beside his doghouse, but up on a cloud instead of on the ground." - Tilly Lommins, Facewall Magazine