'Cat Dog' McMahonAAitch Has No Aitch At The Beginning (2007)
Alan PennyworthAlastair FitgeraldAlbert Moneyfust
All My Friends Are Dead (1976)Alphonse DucreuxB
Bacon Tastes Like Chicken Too (1967)Be Careful Kid, You'll Get Hit By A Car (1977)Bedpans Don't Lie In Wait, They Lie In Knowledge (1981)
Bejunk! (1981)Bleach (2002)Boxing In Velour (1949)
Bradford Duke: Regular Guy (2004)Brian BrianbrisonBrian Hanks
Brian PeabodyCCame To Wound (1984)
Carbon-Based Behavior Capsule (2002)Carlton EstwickCarson Welk
Chip RaglerChip TalbotCindy Chequers
Concierge, There's A Murder In My Room!! (1977)DDamn That Jive's Busted (1966)
Dark Deeds In Hagerstown-Martinsburg (1954)Dennis SafterDon't Open The Medicine Cabinet (2009)
Drederick RoderickEEarth: Where I Keep All My Stuff (1970)
Emo GonzalesEustace StrattonExpect Bloodshed (2001)
FFauxfilms WikiaFish Out Of Water III (1956)
Francois BurgerschwarzFrankhelm MusselafFrenchie Freak-up! (1965)
Fritz BlitzlauchGGam Cheng Sing
Garry HoopsGelda MichaelsGlenda Saks
Gluten-Free (1982)Graham WayansGrant Cocher
Greaves TalbotGreg CaperducciGryf Penton
Guitars That Don't Make You Happy (1979)HHarold Spew
Hello! There's The Door (1978)Howard: Glutton For Food (1999)Howard Carshell
Howard E. GreanvilleII Picked Up His Head By His Head (1962)
Incredible Face, A Face That's Improbable (2004)Indigo Sweater Beige (1981)Isabel Monteith
JJackie Downtown SmithJames McArthur
James MelfittJapanese Dinner (1997)Jupiter Jones: Space Hooker (1971)
KKate ScheggKen Cortman
Krispy Treats Of Satan (2003)LLand Of Compromise (1980)
Lane GillisLawrence LeadbaumLest The Foibles Ruin My Suit (1976)
Love at 45 R.P.M. (1996)MMargot Childs
Maxwell PutneyMelly WaldsMikey Cowde
Music Is Candy For The Ears (1961)My Learned Freaks (1997)N
Nature Platoon (1997)Night Fever Bursaries (1981)No Father Of Mine (1998)
OPP (director)
Party Island 3: There's A Party On My Boat (1966)Party Monkeys 13 (1996)Peter Ismail
Phineas SploggPiccolo ParuzzioPierre Lombardo
Plutonium Powered Mom Vs. The Angsty Adolescent (2006)QR
Rebecca Rhys-TowelsRebecca TomlinsonRicky Sunbeam
Rico SchmageggieRob GilgerRobber Baron Uncle Sam And The Blood Of The Proletariat (1950)
Robert MarroneRoger BatterseaS
Sally NesbittSally ParkinsSam Bathwest
Simon Hamilton-SmytheSpleens Of Christendom (1947)Stephanie Eiffel
TTalulla FosterTerror In Horror Park (1981)
The Abominable Paper Chase (1961)The Adventures Of A Guy Who Likes To Find Adventure, Excitement And Risk In His Home Town (2004)The Fatal Smile (2008)
The Moocher Who Wouldn't Stop Mooching (1963)The Sex Ghost (1968)Tigers In Tokyo IV: The Last Roar (1988)
Toboggan Knight-CricketTony StacchioU
VVince NobertVineyards of Contentment (1972)
WWait! There's More! (1941)Wait! There's More 2: Even More To Wait For! (1942)
Walt RabbsWendy MainwaringWhy Is Everybody Whispering?? (1953)
XXoxtk 7219zY
Yikes! Giants Can't Rumba! (1959)Yvonne SammsZ
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