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An English fop finds himself in Louisiana, where he mercilessly lambasts the inability of the local populace to properly care for his habiliments. He learns a lesson in humility when an exiled member of the French aristocracy calls him a pathetic little connard.

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Carson Welk

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There was a real-life rivalry between Sam Bathwest and Laurent Gagnon on set. Every day Bathwest would put a plastic snake somewhere in Gagnon's trailer, while Gagnon laced Bathwest's meals with arsenic.

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Bertram: My cravat is caked in salad cream from one of those vulgar hamburgers that you people insist on eating.

Bobby Lee: Aw now, that's just mayonnaise. It'll wash right out, sure 'nuff.

Bertram: Wash a cravat! Oh, you poor, poor boy. If it's not too taxing, could you point me in the direction of a passable milliner? The band on my Wellington is in a deplorable state.

Bobby Lee: A-whaa'?

Critical Reception Edit

"What the film lacks in character depth, it makes up for in peaked lapels." - Hans Pekman, Modern Dress