Summary Edit

Set in the Distant 1980s, vice detective / nearly naked nymph Jupiter Jones uses her charms and breasts to solve the mystery of the sniffing crotch bandit who kills.

Director Edit

Rico Schmageggie

Producer Edit

Piccolo Paruzzio

Cast Edit

Top Trivia Edit

  • Producer Piccolo Paruzzio insisted on being on set 130% of the time- a mathematical impossibility most were too frightened to point out.
  • Talulla Foster lost a record 110lbs of ankle fat to play Jupiter - a move which still didnt earn her a prestigious Golden Howard because her breasts obscured any view of her face.

Notable Quotes Edit

Cat Dog: Dayam Bitch! I never catdogged no runaway nurse!

Jupiter: Holy crap!

Sniffing Crotch Bandit: Yeah, you caught me Jupiter Jones. Now what'll you do with me?

Jupiter: Holy crap!

Critical Reception Edit

"Lights up your underwear like the 4th of July!" - George Walling, Unlikely Similes Monthly