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Acclaimed Swedish arthouse film about a young woman who works as a saxophonist for a cruel magician. She sustains herself by spending hous staring at a creased postcard and delving into a fantasy life in Glotborg, Denmark in which she is a clotheshorse. A woman called Maj offers to take her fishing, but then pulls out to browse around a garden centre instead.

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Ambrosius Stenmark

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Stenmark shot the film in the village of Skurup, angering locals when he compared their home unfavourably to a landfill of fish heads.

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Gunilla: Am I really me? And what does it mean to be me? I say this as if being me is something that I might be able to identify or reject from some core knowledge of a pre-defined concept of me-ness, but really how would I know me if I met myself?

Per: Maybe you could arrange to use a code word.

Critical Reception Edit

"This is the last time I go and see a movie based on liking the colours in the title." - Gregg Guttenberg, South Asia Howl