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Harry Howardson, victim of a chemical peel malfunction, becomes a city's unwitting star as two television stations battle for informercial supremacy. But will the power to make anyone do a double-take secure victory for Harry when pitted against Olaf Gestapo and his Fascist network?

Director Edit

Walter K. Drumpfauz

Producer Edit

Piccolo Paruzzio

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Top Trivia Edit

Acclaimed animal trainer Dusty Marlboro brought in Googoo the Orangutan to reprise his role as Chafey from Punch! The Mike Tyson Musical (2000), in this film the pet of Olaf Gestapo. Unbeknownst to the crew however, Googoo had contracted hepatitis and infected two of the cast members with the disease.

Notable Quotes Edit

Harry: You can't resist it, Olaf, you can't resist having another look at my face. And when you do, I shall flip the self-destruct button.

Olaf: How will you be able to flip the switch dear Harry, when I have had my eyes removed.... removed by Chafey?

Harry: Oh shit........!

Critical Reception Edit

"A film that cost $100 million should at least have either a solid story, bankable stars, or amazing effects. Watching "Incredible Face" truly is like two hours of wading through pure sewerage. The gross kind." - Ralph McQuigan, Total Blockbuster magazine.