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Screwball comedy featuring a young woman with Quillington's Syndrome, a mental disorder that causes her to completely change her mind every five seconds. One minute she wants chocolate, the next cosmetic foot surgery, and the next carob! When her rent goes up and the only way she can stay in her apartment is by taking on a roommate, how will she ever decide on one?

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Kate Fidder

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The complete cast list for this film consists of well over a thousand actors, each appearing for five seconds as Katie's roommate before she changes her mind and replaces them.

Notable Quotes Edit

Katie: I've definitely decided between the three of you. I'm taking the Russian Orthodox priest.

Russian Orthodox Priest: You gwill not be regrettink dis decision.

Katie: Actually no, I'm going with lipstick lesbian.

Lipstick Lesbian: Oh, thank you, that's just lovely of you.

Katie: Actually...

Garbage Man: Boy oh boy, I've gotta be next!

Katie: I think... Young female Hitler.

Garbage Man: Hey!

Critical Reception Edit

"Insensitive to sufferers of Quillington's Syndrome, even though my editor is telling me it's not a real disorder and really I'm just continuing to bash away at this typewriter to drown out the sound of his nasal voice." - Jeff Vargas, New York Letterbox