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Rum walks into a bar and drinks itself. After this, everything goes fancy, like in Gosford Park. People hang from girders, while spouting yellow powder from their hair. A man make a conscious effort to smile, but finds himself DJing. Actress Michelle Forbes walks into the room and beats a rug into submission, but is then chastised by the UN Security Council.

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Carson Welk

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The director and cast of Why Me, Asparagus? (1977) reunited for this 1982 film, made after Carson Welk's five year trek through the Psilocybin Mushroom Forest of British Guiana.

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Sense of pity: Rogue submarines have stopped traffic for six consecutive days in a place where mothers sometimes meet and compare growth charts.

Synapse #3: A diskette spins three ways at once, which is impossible.

Sense of pity: Shopping has become very difficult. People are trying to replace it with burger meat.

A man: A dark shadow has taken my jazz CDs.

Believing they are naked, all three go to Lwow for a day.

Critical Reception Edit

"Time's strict mooring falters. Falters. Pacific voices channel endless reticulation inward; screams Oscar." - Harton Walsh, Common Sense Week