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Sol and Lula Schmeckle have been living in the same tenement building for forty years together, slowly collecting more and more crap in their tiny living space. But when their lawyer son returns from lawyering across the country, it's up to them to clear away enough room for him to stay. Will he be able to show patience while they impress upon him the importance of their Diana: People's Princess dinner plate collection?

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Rico Schmageggie

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Top Trivia Edit

  • Rico Schmageggie saw this film as an opportunity to explore his roots, not as a Jew growing up in Brooklyn, but as a collector of the useless trinkets that cluttered his massive mansion in the Himalayas. Schmageggie is known for having the largest collection of pogo sticks and dental floss outside the Americas.
  • The Princess Diana referred to in the film is of course not the Princess of Wales, but Princess Diana of Panth-Piploda Province, India. She truly was the people's princess.

Notable Quotes Edit

Sol: Oi vey Lula, our pickle of a son is coming home! We have to clear out the schleck!

Lula: Don't blame me, Sol. If you didn't leave the army at 22 we would've been living on an installation now like kings!

Sol: The boots didn't support my fallen arches, my little bubbala.

Critical Reception Edit

Many Jewish families felt offended by this portrayal of inner city life and protested cinemas screening this film, but Schmageggie responded with his usual flair; stubbing his cigar out on the smallest and most frail old lady he could find.