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22 year-old Buck Whitmore's life is great. He's just been promoted to Chief Fertilizer Spokesman at work, he has a dog with a bark that sometimes sounds like people, and his girlfriend is forty years older than him! But something dark is happening in Buck's bathroom. Something rotten is festering in his medicine cabinet. (Behind the vitamins he never remembers to take even though he sometimes feels rundown which it's therefore hard to have much sympathy for.)

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Simon Hamilton-Smythe

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Piccolo Paruzzio

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  • Don't Open The Medicine Cabinet is a remake of the film of the same name from 1980. Nothing of the plot of the original film remains, except the main character having a girlfriend who is forty years older than him. The original film didn't even have a medicine cabinet in it, an oversight its producers freely admitted.
  • At 55, Graham Wayans was well over the age of 22 when he played the role of Buck Whitmore. In fact, he was the same age as Cindy Chequers, who played his 62 year-old girlfriend. Audiences didn't seem to notice or care.

Notable Quotes Edit

Rita: Buck! Did you see that? The door of the medicine cabinet just rattled a little!

Buck: No, Rita, I didn't see that. Just like I didn't see The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show. I wasn't alive yet!

Rita: No, Buck, this isn't something that happened in the 1960s, it's happening right now!

Buck: Oh my God!!!

Dr Peanuckle: Keep your mouth fresh with Peanuckle's Chewing Gum. It's like a medicine cabinet in your pocket!

Critical Reception Edit

"An absolute waste of time, except for the product placement from Peanuckle's Chewing Gum, which was innovative and informative. Peanuckle's Chewing Gum: like a medicine cabinet in your pocket!" - Sandy Rertenberger, Philadelphia Palaver