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What's supposed to be a joyous family reunion turns into an exercise in dread when Austin St Clair returns to find his Great Aunt Agatha still alive and ready to point out his various failings, shortcomings, and foibles.

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Howard E. Greanville

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Alan Pennyworth

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  • Based on the West End smash 'Crikey You're Mean!' American director Greanville was given £30,000 to create a silver screen version, casting the same two leads from the play. But rather than using the comedic strength of the piece, Greanville churned out a moody, incoherent assault on the senses, which inexplicably garnered rave reviews from critics. In fact, Dark Deeds was the first film to utter an expletive. An expletive shouted angrily for four and a half minutes!
  • Despite the film being set in England, Greanville insisted on using the name of his native USA's Hagerstown-Martinsburg Metropolitan Area, which constitutes the primary cities of Hagerstown, Maryland and Martinsburg, West Virginia, as well as surrounding areas in three counties: Washington County, Maryland; Berkeley County, West Virginia; and Morgan County, West Virginia. The person writing this trivia is the first one to ever notice.


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Great Aunt Agatha: Austin, you fat-handed oik, I can only say I'm glad I wasn't the one having to force your parasitic form from my birth canal. If I found out back then I was pregnant with you, I swear to god your only memory would have been of the sharp end of a coat hanger thrusting toward your head deep inside my placenta!


Great Aunt Agatha: I hate smoking too, but I force myself to each time I see you in the hope you die the slowest way possible.

Critical Reception Edit

"A riotous comedy of errors, with a lesson of love for us all! Five stars!" - Blake Dawson, Divorcee Monthly.