Summary Edit

Boa Taylor is a Harlem cop on the edge - and The Man is hunting him down! He's got three days to save Baby Sugerlips from a corrupt senator, and the only way they'll listen is with Maximum Jive.

Director Edit

Rico Schmageggie

Producer Edit

Piccolo Paruzzio

Cast Edit

Top Trivia Edit

No script was written for this film, director Schmageggie filmed it all on a whim in two weeks.

Notable Quotes Edit

Boa: Ain't nuthin' gunna hijack my style woman!

Baby: But the comancheros - they wear chaps, Boa! Chaps!

Boa: Hot damn!

Critical Reception Edit

The film bombed in Republican stronghold states, where people barely understood the heavy lingo. But Boa Taylor was so popular in Louisiana, they feature him on the state flag.