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Detective Raul has never solved a murder case; however when a daily dose of murder is prescribed nightly in the hotel he holidays in, will he become the detective no one thinks he can be?

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Rico Schmageggie

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Schmageggie spent most of the film's budget on marketing the film, and made outrageous claims such as "Filmed entirely in space" and "Free Fiat convertible with every viewing", sounding the death knell of the film and his career. For a while anyways.

Notable Quotes Edit

Detective Raul: And another thing sir, my bar fridge is stuffed with the body of a middle aged man.

Concierge: I'm deeply sorry sir. We will send up a fruit basket to apologize right away.

Carlotta comes in with a crate of bananas.

Carlotta: Ai ya ya ya! Who's wants some nanas?

Detective Raul: I'll have one.

Critical Reception Edit

Many reviewers felt it unnecessary for the film to show twenty minutes of Detective Raul eating bananas, but Schmageggie remained adamant it was essential to the story. "If those blackballing bastards don't like it, They can $##%# ^%$# ^%$#% right into a @*^$## and twist the @#@#$# out of it until it snaps," he was famously quoted as saying.