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Flint Hennessy is an everyday deli counter worker, until he runs headlong into the mob at an away game of the Cincinatti Reds. Suddenly he's fighting to protect his son and bust a money-laundering operation, all with the help of some conveniently-found guns.

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Rob Gilger

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Chip Ragler found out he had face cancer halfway through shooting and took one morning off to give himself chemotherapy and cure it.

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Flint: I came here to see my team put some hurt on the other guys. And that's what's gonna happen.

Big Bobby: Are we still talking about the money-laundering?

Flint: Yes.

Foot Gaggio: What about the threats we made to your son?

Flint: I'm talking about that too.

Big Bobby: It's just you started to confuse us with the talk about your team.

Flint: I was... Well, I was trying to... GRAAAAAARGH!!

(Flint throws down his guns and disembowels Big Bobby and Foot Gaggio with a nearby motorised bat-sharpening tool.)

Critical Reception Edit

This film was better-received than most of Ragler's films, probably due to the baseball metaphors. Michael Greerson of the Portland Produce said "Take your girlfriend to this film if she still doubts your heterosexuality, even after twelve good years together."