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Shiftless son of Laundromat King Larry Baxter, Cam Baxter has done nothing with his life. When his father signs him up to 'JabSlam' a national, interspecies boxing tournament, Cam has to win the respect of his father and his peers by going against a variety of foes, from Bitchslap Mackenzie the four-armed Scotsman to a wild polar bear.

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Rico Schmageggie

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Director Schmageggie had no lead for this film up to two weeks into shooting. He had to convince Anton Robbins to accept the role through what we would today call 'stalking', but what people of the '40s called 'suave persistance.'

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Cam: I can't take another round, Coach. Man was not meant to box a crocodile!

Coach: He may be a prehistoric monster with an insatiable appetite, but he's no MAN! Are you gonna be defeated by prehistory?

Cam: Forget that! T Rex is mine!!!

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"Boxing In Velour has taken the prestigious Sunshine Film Critics Award for Most Realistic Melee With A Quadruped. Immedately after, however, the association who founded the award was shut down after 'un-American' activities were suspected in their praise of the film Robber Baron Uncle Sam And The Blood Of The Proletariat (1950)." Tomasina Reynolds, Custom Boxing Trunks