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A man in a desperate situation decides to rob a small antiques shop in his local area. When the job goes horribly wrong, his situation goes from desperate to drastic. When his mother sets him up on a blind date in the middle of proceedings, it goes from drastic to acute.

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Frankhelm Musselaf

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Bejunk! (1981) has a darker intent and a more melancholy mood than Musselaf's previous work. It was filmed after a period of intense laxative-imbibing by the director, and you can see it in every frame.

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Rhonda: I don't know why you won't just go to dinner with her. It's just dinner!

Ben: Ma! I've just shot the old lady who owns the shop in the thigh by accident! Leave me alone!

Rhonda: Oh, that's right, I'm always in the way. I should just go home, should I?

Ben: Ma!

Shop owner: (through gritted teeth) Nggggnnn!

Critical Reception Edit

"The actors should have been taller." - Carl Nibson, Sandwich Trade Newsletter